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What My Clients Say...


Daniel RadcliffeActor, test

Nigel Unsworth has become my ‘car man’. He understands what’s important to me and supplies the right car each time. I couldn’t recommend Nigel more highly.

Tim JohnsonRetired Business Owner, test

I found Nigel on line but it transpires he has looked after a number of friends of mine over many years – I wish they’d told me about him sooner! The whole process was a pleasure from start to finish. Prompt responses, very straightforward and took away all the aggravation. I’ve already recommended Nigel to a couple of contacts and would have no hesitation advising others to use his first class services. Looking forward to a golf invitation, although maybe in a different group…..

Liza TarbuckActress, TV & BBC Radio 2 Presenter, test

If you’ve ever tried to navigate your way through the world of cars, you’ll appreciate how great Nigel is at his job. He is now my “Car Department” and it’s a pleasure working with him. I trust him – it’s as easy as that!

Eric FellnerCo-Chairman, Working Title Films, test

As someone who enjoys a lot of car changing, I was thrilled to meet Nigel. He makes every aspect of the process totally pain free and is always professional. With him in control, it’s an absolute pleasure.

Jo TongueTongue Tied Media, test

I’m busy, I’m direct and I haven’t got time for wishy-washy people. Nigel understood that and picked up my way of doing things quickly. He’s sharp and can take a brief (even if it’s a bit fuzzy to start with). He finds the solution, tells me the plan, and acts on it. He’s true to his word, advises me well, and just gets on with it. Cars? Sorted!

Michael FlatleyIrish-American Former dancer, choreographer and musician, test
Nigel was introduced to me a few years ago and since then he has looked after cars for myself and my wife. He takes any stress out of the process, is private and discreet and always at the end of a phone or email. Nigel is a great guy and a real pleasure to do business with.  We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his services.
Anton Du BekeStrictly Come Dancing star, test

Nigel’s never going to be a ballroom dancer, however, he’s good with cars! He’s been looking after my cars for a few years now. Time is short and I can’t afford to waste it trying to sort my cars out. Enter Nigel – he’s on the ball and fixes things quickly behind the scenes. He’s thorough, and has my interests at heart. He looks after a number of well-known private clients, yet he’s very discreet, and I like that. Chris Hollins warned me about his golf swing, so for my safety, meetings are at his office over coffee!

Paul GreengrassFilm Director, Producer, Screenwriter, test

Nigel was referred to me by a very good friend in the film industry. As I’m not a car enthusiast his advice and help has been excellent and he is always very quick to respond. If you want wheels, he’s your man!

Vernon KayTV Presenter & Radio DJ, test

Nige’s been looking after my cars for a few years since I bought my first AMG from him. I really like what he does. He’s on the end of a phone or text message all the time; he’s quick to reply and sort the issue out without a drama. He’s professional and personable, but more importantly, he’s discreet and I trust him. I’m happy to recommend Nige’s company.

Kelly CatesTV & Radio broadcaster, test

I was introduced to Nigel via a friend at a League Managers Association awards dinner and I warmed to him straight away. He’s a genuinely nice guy who people resonate with. He’d supplied my parents and friends with cars, so it wasn’t long before I took his advice and had a brand new car on the drive! He gives me sound advice and has my best interests at heart. He’s always present at deliveries to make sure everything is seamless, so in a world of multiple devices and emails, ‘old fashioned’ personal one-to-one service counts for so much more! Like most professionals with busy families, I’ve got enough to contend with, so having the cars ’sorted’ is one less thing to worry about. I love somebody who fixes problems!

Alan HansenFormer Liverpool & Scotland footballer and TV presenter, test

Nigel was introduced to me a few years ago by Kenny Dalglish and has been supplying cars for my family and I ever since. He’s straight, honest, and does what he says, which is rare these days. I feel comfortable dealing with him, and trust that he’s taking care of the process on my behalf. He’s given me good advice on a few issues – I just wish he’d take my advice on his golf swing!! I’m more than happy to recommend him to my friends.

Jill DouglasBroadcaster, test

Nigel is my “go to” guy when it comes to cars. He listens to my vague, indecisive musings then pulls a rabbit out of the hat! Nigel makes the whole process straightforward and pain free, he takes away all the hassle and provides an excellent, professional service. And he has the patience of a saint!

Shane WarneFormer Australian Test Cricketer, test

Nigel’s style and service works for me because he does what he says, and does it efficiently giving me a sense of assurance knowing that I’m being looked after. He’s only ever a phone call or email away for advice, tips or a chat. Nigel has that correct balance of pairing a relaxed personality with a professional business etiquette that puts you at ease. He’s a solid guy who gets on with the job, and based on the profile of people he deals with, he’s somebody I’m comfortable referring friends too.

Kenny DalglishFormer Liverpool footballer & manager, test

Nigel is the consummate host and a genuine asset to his industry. We’ve shared some great times at a number of events, which have been brilliantly organised and professionally executed – which is more than I can say for his golf!

Sir Matthew PinsentOlympic Gold Medallist, test

I first got to know Nigel during his time at Mercedes Benz UK and now he has his own company we stay in regular touch. He is discreet, professional, and one if not the best at what he does.

Ronan KeatingRecording Artist, test

When I first met Nigel at a charity golf event I was hosting back in 2008, I immediately warmed to him. He’s down to earth, friendly, relaxed and genuine – and after being in the entertainment industry for 20 years, I would like to think I have a good judge of character. Nigel is definitely one of the good guys.

Nigel supplied me with my first MB G-Wagon a couple of years ago and the service was impeccable. His attitude and efficiency was brilliant and I would recommend Nigel to any of my friends or colleges when buying a vehicle.

Nicki ChapmanTV Presenter, test

Nigel has an uncanny ability to understand what needs to be done, especially when it comes to first-class customer service. He amazed me in terms of attention to detail and going the extra mile, immediately understanding that my opinion and satisfaction was paramount. He’s an old-school good guy who is passionate about his job without taking himself too seriously and an absolute pleasure to do business with.

Chris MoylesPresenter, test

Nigel always provides a great personal service. He’s really helpful, quick and very professional. He even had the car delivered to my house, popped in for a cup of tea and a chat and then showed me how everything functioned in the new car. Brilliant service!

Mark MoreauMD - Europe & APAC - SRI, test

For Golf look up Rory, For Rugby look up Jonny and for support in securing your next set of wheels look no further than Nige. In an industry renowned for its reputational challenges, Nige stands out from the crowd as a genuine broker who truly knows his onions. He will advise with candour through the whole process of your purchase and will do so drawing on his inimitable Bolton charm. In summary if you are currently considering your options around your next car then reach out to Nige, you won’t regret it.

Penelope Montague-CurryFounder & CEO Harlequin Int Group, test

How does Miss MoneyPenny find her dream car? “Q” Nige her trusted Quartermaster! I first met Nige in the mid 90’s, when he and the late-great Bernie Walsh worked together here in Sydney, delivering the first car I ever owned – my little BMW 316i. They were the personalities you wanted your motor dealer to be – knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy with a little bit of cheeky thrown in to make the experience of purchasing your new vehicle a memorable one.

Since that first purchase, Nige has continued to source and secure my vehicles throughout his career working at Mercedes Benz Sydney and then subsequently on his return to the UK.

It can be daunting navigating through what the best deals are with various dealerships. knowing what you want from your vehicle is one thing, but finding it is another! With Nige’s tenacity and innate understanding of what his client’s needs are, enables him to deliver on point where ever you may be in the world.

To this day, even though 12,000 miles away, with Nige’s global network together with his expertise in the car industry; he has advised me on the purchase of all my vehicles and now in securing my forever car, the inimitable DB11. Thank you, Nige for all your guidance and personal service, even though the ‘ejector seat’ didn’t come as standard! Px

Sir Michael Parkinson CBEBroadcaster, journalist and author, test

I have known Nigel Unsworth for more than fifteen years. We first met when I was working on TV in Sydney, when he was working for Mercedes. He provided cars for me during my many stays and quickly became a friend. I admire his organisational ability and his intelligent and friendly manner. He’s honest, straightforward and incredibly efficient. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Sean DychePremier League Football Manager, Burnley FC, test

The private and discreet service that Nigel gave me in securing a car was exceptional. That personal contact with someone with so much knowledge of the car industry was incredibly helpful in not only sourcing the right vehicle but also at the right price. The “1st touch” and “last touch” of his service was excellent and his patience and understanding of some of the demands of my time in my professional life ensured that he removed the “hassle” from getting what I wanted.

Brendan RodgersRecord breaking Celtic Manager, test

I was first introduced to Nigel 6 years ago and the service he provided to me was top class. I’ve recently purchased another vehicle with Nigel and the swiftness and efficiency of the service was what you’d expect from a first class business. Everything was completed whilst I was away on holiday and within 10 days the car was delivered personally to my doorstep.

Sarah-Jane MeeTV Anchor, Sunrise for Sky News, test

I know nothing about cars but luckily for me Nigel knows EVERYTHING! He balances what I want from a car with what I actually need and always gets me a deal that doesn’t upset the bank manager.

Friendly to deal with and no infuriating sales speak I have recommended him to friends and colleagues without hesitation.

Nigel goes the extra mile – pun intended – he is always at the end of the phone if I have a problem or any questions like that Monday morning I filled my lovely new diesel car with petrol… Nigel is on speed dial.

Charles AllenBusinessman, Broadcaster, and Life Peer in the House of Lords, test

“I like nice cars, but I’ve rarely got time to find them. I was introduced to Nigel via Stephen and Ashley, and since then, never has buying a car been so straight forward. He’s at the end of a phone for advice and bouncing ideas off; he can find me what I’m looking for as well finding a buyer for the car I’d like to sell. He’s even gone and inspected cars before we agree to buy them to avoid any last minute surprises.

He’s straight forward, honest, but most importantly, I trust him.  His corporate background is obvious –  he’s professional, and has great people skills to handle situations, but yet doesn’t take himself too seriously, which makes the purchase process more relaxing. He’s attentive and always been present at deliveries and collections, so good to know he’s in control of what’s happening. He’s in my phone as Nigel (Cars); it’s as simple as that!”

Melissa ChappellMedia Coach/Talent Agent/Serial Golfer, test

I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Nigel for five years, and have bought a number of cars from him. I found him to be professional, honest, but importantly he’s personable without being ‘sales-ey’. I trust him that much with my cars, that I’ve referred him to friends in the TV and Sports world who are clients of mine, who’ve gone on to buy cars from Nigel.  He’s got a fantastic knowledge of the industry from a strategic view, but he’s also as an operator/doer, so I know I’m in safe hands. I’ve got to know Nigel on a personal level having attended events, dinners and golfing days with him and he’s become a good friend and long may that continue.

Sir Ian BothamFormer England Cricketer, SKY TV Presenter, test

Nothing is too much trouble for Nigel; it’s never a problem to him as he’s always willing to find the solution. His attention to detail and after-sales care is reassuring in a world where everyone just seems to want to make a fast buck. Add to that his unflinching support for my charity and he’s certainly a man you want on your team.

David O’LearyLegendary Arsenal & ROI footballer, former Villa & Leeds manager, test

Nigel’s been looking after my family and I for over five years now, and he’s the first person I turn to regarding cars. I’ve referred many of my friends and colleagues to buy cars through him, and they have been equally impressed with his service. He makes the process easy, straight forward and transparent. If only his golf swing was as precise as the way he supplies cars! Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Carole MaloneTV Presenter, journalist and broadcaster, test

I  know nothing about cars but then I don’t have to because I know  Nigel – and he knows everything. Never has buying a car been so easy. I didn’t know what kind of car I wanted but I told Nigel what I needed it to do and how I wanted it to make me feel( come on its important) . A few weeks later he rang and said “ I’ve got it.” And he had. A beautiful gun metal grey Mercedes Benz E Class Convertible which, every day, gifts me with moments of sheer, unadulterated joy.

Nigel smashes that age old stereotype about people who sell cars. He takes the job to a whole new level of professionalism. He’s decent, he’s discreet, he’s honest,  he’s 100% trustworthy and he’s endlessly patient ( even now I ring him when I’ve forgotten what some  of the Merc’s many bells and whistles and buttons are for) He’s also great fun – which makes  the whole car buying experience a pleasure and not a stress.

So, now I wouldn’t think of buying a car without him. Like it or not, he’s stuck with me. And The Husband. And my friends. And even a few strangers who I met and liked and who I thought deserved a BIG favour – an introduction to Nigel Unsworth!

Chris HollinsJournalist, presenter, Strictly winner, sportsman, test

I met Nigel playing golf in 2013, and despite fearing for his and my own safety, we immediately struck up a relationship. He was working for Mercedes at the time and helped me locate a car. He made the whole process, simple, effortless and problem-free. From start to finish he has a solution for everything. There is no better compliment to pay him than, I can’t imagine going to anyone else to buy a car.

Mino RaiolaInternational Football Agent, test

Nigel and I started to do business in 2010. He manages matters without drama. I travel all over the world, so I like the fact he’s only a phone call or text away. Nigel takes the hassle away. I’ve referred friends to use Nigel’s concierge service because I trust him. Time is money; in our world, we don’t have that luxury of time to waste sorting cars out. We outsource that to specialists who’ve got the relationships to get the job done!

Lee WestwoodEuropean Tour & Ryder Cup Golfer, test

I first met Nigel when I bought my SLS AMG and I was instantly won over by his genuine warmth and straight-talking style. At our level of sport, discretion is hugely important in a relationship and I felt comfortable having Nigel in my company and that of my fellow golfers. It’s just a shame that he can’t deliver my new car to West Palm Beach or a golf ball from tee to green!

James IrskineCEO, SEL Entertainment, Sydney, Australia, test

I have known Nigel Unsworth for over 15 years. At all times, I’ve found Nigel to be efficient, honest, very reliable and on the ball in all aspects of any deal. I could not recommend Nigel more highly.

Gary McAllister MBEFormer Professional Footballer, test

I met Nigel when he worked for Mercedes-Benz. Having owned a few over the years, we talked about some of those cars that were special to me. I sensed at this point that he knows his stuff, and since then, Nigel has been supplying cars for my wife and I.

He’s a good guy; he’s liked amongst his peers, and he’s genuinely good at what he does. Nigel gets on with the job without a fuss, finds the car, sorts the deal, then has it dropped off. As a consequence, I introduced him to the League Manager Association where he’s gone on to help other members find cars.

Good guy. Bad golfer. I’m happy recommending him.

Matthew Hoggard MBEFormer England Cricketer, test

Nigel’s been helping me find cars for a few years now, which suits me down to the ground! I can call him anytime, tell him what I’d like then he goes off and gets it! Simple. He gets the best deal, sorts out the negotiation then has it delivered to my door. Top guy, great at what he does, easy to get on with, and I trust him!

As a Yorkshire man, it’s difficult to recommend a Lancashire man – but now and again, I’ll make an exception!

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