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Range Rover Sport, delivered in 10 days

Range Rover Sport, delivered in 10 days

A 5-Minute Phone Call – Leave The Rest To Me

I received a call from a loyal client in Scotland, who wanted a new Range Rover Sport for his wife. He knew exactly what he wanted down to the specific shade of blue: could I get to him within the next couple of weeks, ready for when he returned from holiday.

Leave it with me.

You can’t just walk into your local show room and buy one: there was a 4-month waiting list. But I found one. In the exact spec he wanted.

I negotiated the price – saving my client £thousands – arranged payment, financing and all the paperwork, then delivered it to their driveway 10 days after I first got the brief from that 5 minute phone call.

Life’s too short and time with your family and friends is too precious to spend it sourcing your ideal car. Let me do it for you.

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