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A difficult Car to Find !!

A difficult Car to Find !!

When WLTP Issues make vehicle availability frustrating!


“I’ve been looking for a Golf GTD for ages but I’m nowhere close to finding one.”


A Golf GTD – the hugely popular diesel version of the iconic GTI – is very hard to find. Due to some issues surrounding emissions data, the manufacturing schedule was thrown into chaos making the GTD extremely hard to get hold of. We tapped our VW contacts and uncovered one of the last GTDs in the country. Nigel Unsworth Car Brokers offered a genuine solution to a client who was getting nowhere fast looking for his own car. We did the deal for him and delivered the long awaited car to a very happy client

Life’s too short and time with your family and friends is too precious to spend it sourcing your ideal car. Let me do it for you.

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